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On April 30, 2021 at 18:00 (Dushanbe time), a live broadcast of ethno-jazz concert will take place on the page of Bactria Cultural Centre, in frame of International Dushanbe Ethno-Jazz Festival.

Online viewers will be able to enjoy the work of their favorite performer and get in touch with the musical culture of Tajikistan, plunging into the unique atmosphere of jazz with traditional genres of Tajik music.

Also, online viewers can become part of a hall, feeling the energy of a live concert, and be able to give applause to their favorite performers and musicians of the concert. To have access  to the ZOOM tribune, you must pre-register
  • DADJ

    'Dadj' collective was formed in 2012 and are laureates of all Jazz Festivals in Tajikistan and many others outside of it. These are experienced musicians who have been playing traditional Tajik music for a long time, but want to try themselves in a completely new environment, that is, in jazz, specifically in its ethno direction. Ensemble of the group, depending on the requirements of the festivals has changed ... the main participants are: Kalandarov Daler - head of the ensemble - bass guitar; Karimov Shahboz - horn; Umarov Jurabek - piano; Khalikdzahanov Timur - drums; and invited guest Niyozov Khurshed - violin.

  • Avesto

    The musical career of the group 'Avesto' is developing rapidly, with increasing success and has an estimated history of more than 20 years. During the years of its creative activity, Avesto has been awarded numerous prizes and international awards. Avesto musicians share their work at concert venues around the world, and take part in major international festivals. Today, the band's musical material amounts to seven published albums. The band’s debut album, released by the recording company 'Double Moon Records' (Germany) brought success and popularity to the band. Thanks to that Avesto's music is known and appreciated in the countries of the European Union and Asia. Avesto has deservedly secured the status of one of the best bands in Central Asia working in the field of fusion jazz music.

  • Parvin Yusufi and Jazz - Band

    Siddikov Jakhongir - keyboards, Naimov Sukhrob - drums, Fayzuullaev Rustam - bass guitar, Babaev Akbar - solo guitar. 'Black voise' is the name given to the owner of a rare jazz contralto, Parvin Yusufi, who performs at jazz festivals in the country, as well as abroad. “Music has one language and jazz is elite music that I love,” Parvin says.

  • Khalil brothers

    Jasur Khalilov (composer, piano), Jafar Khalilov (bass guitar), Timur Nurlobekov (percussion, folk instruments daf, tablak, tabla) and for the first time there will be a joint performance of the epos 'Gurugli' - narrators Azizbek Ziyoev, Khakimov Hotham Trio 'Khalil brothers' was formed in 2016, consists of the leading musicians of the Republic of Tajikistan. The music performed by the Khalil brothers trio is a combination of classical and jazz music, with the interweaving of the rich heritage of oriental folklore, as well as the author's compositions of the trio, framed by magic chamber sound. The Khalil brothers trio successfully performed at 16th International Jazz Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan 2017, at the 5th International Ethno-Jazz Festival in Dushanbe 2017, International Jazz Festival in Bishkek 2019, and a number of concerts in jazz clubs of Germany 2018.

  • Alumnus of Jazz Academy 2020

    Alumnus of Jazz Academy 2020 who during two months were participans of master classes by the leading masters of jazz music of the republic - band 'Avesto', who taught the participants 5 main jazz directions as: vocal, keyboard, percussion instruments, bass guitar, wind instruments. Talented young musicians will debut their work at an ethno-jazz concert. Negmatov Bahovaddin - keyboard instrument Khalilov Tabrez - keyboard instrument Naimov Bakhtiyor - guitar Nurulloev Khusain - bass guitar Karimov Shahboz - saxophone Khalikov Anis - drums

Dushanbe Ethno Jazz Festival 2017
Festival Concept
The Swiss Cooperation Office, as the main initiator and donor, together with its partners Bactria Cultural Center and the Tajik National Conservatory, have successfully held jazz festivals for several years (2009, ‘10, ‘12, ‘14, ‘17 and ‘19). The festival brings together jazz composers and musicians from different parts of the world (Central Asia, Europe, America, etc.) to hold concerts, round tables, master classes and art laboratories that contribute to the outbreak of a new wave of interest in ethno-jazz music in the Republic of Tajikistan.

The initiator and main donor of Dushanbe Ethno-Jazz Festival is Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan. The organizer of the festival is "Bactria" Cultural Center. Jasur Khalilov - Artistic Director of the festival.  Jafar Khalilov - Technical Director of the festival. General information partner of the concert live broadcast is media holding "Asia-Plus".
One of the main objectives of this festival is to encourage musical experimentation and the development of genres based on traditional Tajik music. Musical experiments combining various styles are particularly successful. Local musicians, like their foreign counterparts, are given a unique opportunity to create an incomparable musical composition based on traditional Tajik music genres such as Makom and Falak.
Such experiments should encourage the trend of development and preservation of traditional genres of Tajik music, contribute to the development of new forms of improvisational music, and encourage:
- Further development of various forms of jazz music based on the cultural heritage, traditions and innovations of traditional Tajik culture
- Increased interest in jazz and ethno-jazz music among the population of Tajikistan
- Regional and international cooperation based on musical creativity
One of the main achievements of the Festival is the creation of new musical groups that play a unique mix of ethno-jazz. These are such groups as Daj (Dushanbe) and Payvand (Khujand). These groups are a vivid illustration of the potential impact of the Jazz Festival on the development of the entire music industry in the Republic of Tajikistan.

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